What IZ My Color?

I think I’m witty. (It’s blue BTW)

I mean, technically I’m not being witty since it is part of the promo they’re making. 

Okay, so if you by any chance followed Produce 48…you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you don’t then I’ll try to keep the concept brief. A bunch of trainees get on this reality competition show in hopes of being on the top to debut in a group that will promote of a determined amount of time. The first season brought out I.O.I. and they pumped out quite a few BANGING tunes. 

Season two brought out Wanna One, which I have not been listening to at all. Never clicked. Not for lack of trying. I just can’t seem to mesh with them.

Onto Produce 48, this was a collaboration with Aki P and AKB48 in Japan. The only real reason I cared was because of Kaeun. I’ve been a fan of her for years in what basically feels the beaten to death horse of After School. I mean, after ‘Frist Love’ they’ve basically dropped off the face of the K-Pop Earth. RIP. Also salty Kaeun reigned for the whole show and didn’t make it in the finale. Part of the point. 

I did enjoy a lot of the songs that came out from the show this time around and did grow attached to some of the girls. Like EunBi. GIIIIIIRL. She can slay. 


Oh yeah, Sakura also plays BR so that’s a thing. She even has her own Youtube Channel  where she plays all sorts of games. Lucky for her to get a Victory Royale when I still don’t have one. T_T

Moving on to the actual teaser. They all look gorgeous and I can’t wait for more. The debut is about ten days away and I’m eagerly anticipating to hear more of these girls for the next two years. I really hope they don’t disappoint. I mean, the teasers look like your standard debut concept. Cute, fresh, and basically adorable candy colors. 

I do hope the girls don’t get worn down promoting concurrently in Japan and in Korea. They’ve been training consistently since their win and I’m pretty sure it’s been nearly non-stop work for them. 

They’re supposed to have a reality show airing on top of everything so we get to see more of the girls as their debut date draws closer. I’m very much looking forward to this so…much success to them. 

Until next time. 


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