StW: Waiting for that Halloween Event

I mean, I know I said that my next gaming post was going to be Rise of the Tomb Raider unless Fortnite got in the way…and it’s half true. 

The Halloween event hasn’t even been announced by the time I’m writing this. They brought back the Gravedigger that I worked so hard to earn last year regardless of the Hurricane recovery so I’m hoping that means there’s a better weapon coming with this event. At this rate no news is a little scary. 

I had so much fun in Hexylvania with the Fortnitemares event last year. Sure, I use none of the Heroes from that event anymore but it really was great. The Gravedigger is one of my favorite ARs to use in the game and I bought a second one to make into an energy rifle. The Pumpkin Launcher comes when I just want to troll the ever living crap out of Carlos and have fun with Adolfo who just loves the cackle it makes. I do too actually. 

The returning Gravedigger

So here’s hoping that the next patch brings in the new Fortnitemares event. I really can’t wait. The game’s getting stale because there isn’t really new content to go through. The Beta storms are not that fun and what little I have left of Cram Session is gonna be over soon. There’s also that. 

I did get into Overwatch because of the Halloween event there but playing Junkenstein’s Revenge alone isn’t as fun. I hope I can get a Fam Overwatch night in soon, that should be fun. 

So the waiting continues for Fortnitemares. Shall we visit Hexylvania again? Oh gosh I hope so. Those line were some of Ray’s best dialogue to date. Though some of the Canny story is getting up there. 

Until next time,

Michi out!


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