The Fangirl Diaries: Otra Vez

Okay, so let’s set the record straight. Reggaeton and Trap are not my friends. I did the thing in high school where I listened to Reggaeton because the guy that I liked was into it. You know you say you’re never going to do the thing for a person that you like but it still happens

So when Super Junior released ‘Lo Siento’ earlier this year I kinda lost my mind. I was expecting to hear more Trap and Reggaeton in Kpop since ‘Despacito’ but that didn’t really happen. I mean, Kpop tends to follow fads pretty quickly when it comes to sounds but I digress. 

I’ve been out of the K-pop rumor mill for a while so I had no idea that Reik was even in Macau or in Korea working with anyone in the industry. Like, Reik for me was a thing back when I was in High School. ‘Noviembre Sin Ti’ came out in 2005…and I barely listened to local radio unless I absolutely had to in the car. I had my CD Player and just jumped from mix CD to mix CD. Also started getting into J-pop because of anime. 

ANYWAY. Enough backstory. 

This came out early this morning. I mean, I already had an idea of what it was going to sound like. I mean, that music style doesn’t really change from track to track at its basics. It’s up to each artist to make it their own when they make their music. Which is what I appreciate the way Super Junior actually went with this. 

They kept true to their form but with a Latin flair. Reik was a great addition to the track because the guys bring their talents to the table. I don’t really listen to Reik and I probably still won’t after this but the collab version of the track is fantastic. I mean, the Super Junior version is good but it kinda ruins the point of this collaboration. 

Animals was already pre-released and it was a decent track to begin with because it’s much slower in tempo. Also, that cover at the end just…BLEW MY MIND. How and when did Donghae get this wonderful with his Spanish? Like, how? ¿Cómo? Oh boy. I’ve been listening to that as much as the title track of this special mini album. 

I can’t listen or really mention much about the fifth track since it’s only going to be available in the physical album.  I would love to get my hands on it but unfortunately I can’t afford it at this time. I love opening K-pop albums and making unboxings of them. Someday soon maybe. 

Until next time, Michi out!


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