Field Agent Rio First Impressions

So last night was Fortnite’s Save the World reset. I had already made plans with Carlos to go for Rio as soon as possible so we geared up after a 4x Pure Drops of Rain mission right into the challenge. 

I’ve done the weekly challenges three times since they were brought into the game and the first one was a little frustrating because we never got a fourth. The next two times it was a lot more manageable since things in the game have evolved. I mean, I knew Gas Traps had become part of the meta but I hadn’t realized how big of a deal it was. (I’m gonna have to look into what would be the best rolls to have)

Anyway, right after Carlos and I got Rio, we both power-leveled her up to what we could. I’ve been hoarding Hero XP for whenever I get the itch to play someone new to be able to level them up in an instant. So I took Rio to PL106 while Carlos took her to PL91 while he got more XP to bring her up to speed. 

Rio is one of the more aggressive Outlanders to play in the game and she’s the third pistol main of that class to be introduced. If you’re keeping track, the other two are Ranger (of which we have Jess and Deadeye) and Wild Fragment Deadeye. Ranger Deadeye is already a huge DPS machine when played right so the same goes for Rio.

To me she’s better all around because of how consistent her Phase Shift works. Pop in, get a good shot, pop out, repeat. Especially with near perfect pistols. Carlos has a bunch of Whisper .45s that I play around with while I have a water Bald Eagle I just love to use even with the slow fire rate. 

I had a lot of fun with Rio in the few missions I played her. Up top is basically my set up for her. I had actually leveled another Commando Spitfire for his TEDDY bonus (back when I played T.E.D.D. Shot Jess as a main) but then I realized that I wasn’t getting the best stats for survivability so I caved and leveled Carbide. The TEDDY lasts forever. Or rather, it feels like forever. I do need to even all their levels out to get more…and I also need to keep growing my Homebase level. All still a work in progress. 

It’s still weird to have this ‘Secret Agent’ do the ‘Awesome Super Hero Fist to the Ground’ attack because it doesn’t look like her style…but then again it fits with the lore that Outlanders come from the future so…whatever. I swear we need more information on them. I’d also like to know if Dennis knew they were coming. Okay, maybe I’m getting too ahead of myself. 

I’ll do a more in depth review of the Wraith assault rifle once I play around with it. I already brought it up to PL82. Now I’m probably going to change the elemental roll and see where I go from there. Will keep you guys posted.

Michi out!


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