A Year Later…

I can’t believe it. It’s been a year since Hurricane Maria. A year ago today, everything changed. I remember the night before vividly. My grandmother was with me on the couch. As was my cousin and my aunt as they all joked that grandma was enjoying wrestling as I watched Raw on TV. Then the lights went out and the generator came on. Grandma was spooked, saying it was time for bed. 

We all kinda drifted off after that. In shifts you could say. It was really early in the morning when I heard screaming. Water was coming into the master bedroom. We bolted downstairs to see the damage, the flooding hadn’t started downstairs yet. We tried to do everything we could to keep as much of the water at bay as we possibly could. I took video, took photos. Started begging for help in social media because it felt terrible…

I ended up in ABC news over that one. Now that we’re in the age of technology, it was easier to convey who crazy bad things were getting until the signal disappeared. 

I spent weeks trying to figure how to get warm food, get sodas, mail, anything for a shred of my normal life. I had to move, I spent countless money in uber to get to work when I started working again. It’s money I can’t get back…

I was one of the lucky ones. I will admit that. I wanted nothing more to get out of here. I blogged throughout the whole experience. It’s still a process. Losing power freaks me out, extremely. Too much anxiety. 

I don’t think I’ll ever be entirely over it. It was seriously one of the worse things I’ve experienced. All of our lives changed overnight and we’re still not fully recovered from it either. Our whole government is a joke. Our cost of living keeps going up. It’s horrible. 

Next post is going to be lighthearted I promise. Fortnite season 6 is incoming and with it new gear! I am excited. 

See you next time!


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