Fangirling and More Fangirling

I have mentioned time and time again I am a huge K-pop Fan. The latter half of this year has been totally been scattered with relevant comebacks. Red Velvet released a huge bop that I can’t stop dancing to. I’ve mentioned I like dancing and this recent wave of comebacks have just been pushing me to get up and be active again.

Before Red Velvet released the bop of the summer though. MOMOLAND just blew me away with ‘Baam’ I have not been able to stop jamming to the darn song and in even better news, I’ve been motivated to start dancing again. Which is a huge boost to my confidence. I’ve been scraping to learn a new dance for what feels like years. It’s only been a little over a year. The surge hit with Brave Girls when they released ‘Rollin’, to which i only know a part of.

So ‘Baam’ came out and I have managed to learn most of the routine. I am super please that I’ve gotten so much of it down. From there it’s been surging even more.

Red Velvet released their summer bop ‘Power Up’ and again the dancing urges rose up. I mean, Super Junior’s D&E released their own jam too but RV’s dances have always been in my list. I still know a small chunk of ‘Dumb Dumb’ which is the first dance I tried to learn. Then next up was ‘Look’.

I have a huge post it in my room with old dances I’ve started to learn that I need to finish or old songs that I really wanted to learn the dances to. Some are as simple as Orange Caramel, others are complicated like SNSD’s ‘You Think’.

Super Junior teased that there’d be more comebacks from them for the rest of the year and I am super excited. They need to fill the void Henry has left behind. Then again…Hobi, RM and the rest of BTS are doing a good job to help.

I might start filming random snippets of me dancing again but I can’t make any promises. I do know that I need to keep dancing. That I cannot let go of.


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