Day Thirty One: Day Off Adventures

The other day my friend Adolfo came over to pick me up and take me out of my backyard. A lot of things have been happening around me lately and I most definitely needed the distraction.

We went to the Mall of San Juan as I’d been meaning to go to Lush, since I wanted to grab the shower gel from the father’s day collection. I was lucky enough to snag the last one, which I’ve yet to use but it smells so divine.

I just realized I need to rant about the Destiny 2 Loot Crate thingy and I’ll do that on it’s own post. That box is not worth what I paid for. The hoodie isn’t even the right size either. I can’t forget to mention that there was a delay that was never explained so everyone assumed it had to do something with the DLC…nope. Lied to again.

Back to what I was saying anyway. We had lunch, then spent some time in Lush. Adolfo hadn’t tested any of the products so he was in great hands with the employees while I did my own shopping. I managed to grab some Woosh as well since that smell is another one of my favorites.

I do need to go back though. I can’t get enough of the place. My favorite time of the year is the Halloween and Christmas collections. Can’t get enough of the Shooting Star soap, I seriously hope it’s back this year.

After walking around the mall, we headed back to my backyard. Adolfo is way more active in Pokémon Go! Than I am so he insisted we play and walk around to catch some Pokémon. I got a lot more catches than I usually do but it was definitely fun to catch up. Especially that gelato we had at the mall. It was by far some of the best vanilla Gelato I’ve had.

So yeah, Destiny 2 box next and how much it sucks.
Michi out!


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