Day Thirty: Trying Again and Again

So I started streaming again. So far have only one stream under my belt but I’m looking to make this a regular thing again. I used to try it back a few years ago but a lot of things got in the way.

It’s not easy sometimes to do things for me. It’s a situation I’ve been trying to work on for the longest time. Baby steps is good but sometimes it’s hard to keep the momentum going. For example, I love writing but I can’t seem to keep my blog going regularly. I always overthink everything.

I mean, I have to put some thought with what I’m writing and measure my words so my message gets across but then I just stop. All the effort and the time put into the thing is basically lost. I said for the new year I wanted to get more done and so far I have made progress in quite a few personal things I wanted to have done.

My fangirl hasn’t been loose in this blog in a long time. I let it out during the SJ post a few weeks back. I still have so much more to ramble on about. Like, Uta no Prince-Sama, which I cannot stop playing when there’s an event going on. My album arrived a few weeks ago and I need to show it off. It’s gorgeous.

While I don’t immediately expect myself to keep up a daily schedule, not for now, I am going to keep trying. I managed to make a list of dances I wanted to learn and have gotten through refreshing a few of them. I think I can do this too.

Michi out!


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