Day Twenty Nine: Learning WASD the Fun Way

I wanted to talk about how our Power company basically came out and said they’re not ready for hurricane season but I’m really trying to not think about it at all. It’s incredibly frustrating. Hurricane season is sixteen days away basically.

I’ll probably talk about that another time, or maybe in another post in the next few days.

I moved my Fortnite playing to my laptop since Carlos built himself a new PC in order to play with me.

The game runs so much better than it does on the PS4 it’s really hard to go back to playing there. I’ll probably lose the few V-bucks I have left from the last time I bought but honestly, I could care less.

All screens lag on my standard PS4 and on Carlos’s PS4 Pro they lag just as bad. He only loads just a bit faster than I do on the world map but everything skips frames and just general terrible performance for ‘Save the World’. Then you try playing ‘Battle Royale’ and there’s a stark contrast on how that runs on the PS4.

Then again, when you really think about it, Battle Royale  isn’t as heavy of a game as PvE Fortnite is. Regardless, the difference is stunning. Carlos couldn’t stop raving about how much better the game runs on his new PC than I did.

I remember mentioning to a lot of my friends how I refused to play on a PC without a controller because I couldn’t get the hang of WASD. Then I started testing Fortnite out on PC and I’ve slowly gotten better and better at handling WASD. Now I’m even looking at getting a lot of my games in the future as play anywhere titles with my XBox. Not sorry Sony, my PS4 now is going to be my D2 machine. That’s pretty much it since I can’t take my progress to PC so I can crossplay. Another huge loss.

It’s amazing how Fortnite turned out to be the game to finally teach me how to play on PC without a controller. I feel so accomplished. It’s silly, but after playing consoles all my life…it’s kind of refreshing. Sims is a clicker only PC game, doesn’t count for much really.

To think, this whole process started because I can’t take my Fortnite progression to the Xbox, where the game now runs better there than on the PS4.

That’s all for now, Michi out!

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