Twenty Days to Go…

I’m a bag of emotions for June. On one hand I’m eager for it to finally get here but at the same time, I’m scared.

Hurricane season starts June 1st.

I hate that our governor says he’s ready for the season. It’s fine and dandy he is, he has priority for restoration of all services. The rest of the island isn’t. I can’t count on my hands the amount of friends and relatives that aren’t ready for it.

I’m not. I’m nervous because they’ve mentioned it’s going to be worse this year. This whole situation is unpleasant. Our country still hasn’t recovered completely and the government has the audacity to say they’re ready? Please, the island lost its power over a tree and a digger. A pathetic wind or a pigeon suicide is probably going to be the next story.

I wish people understood how traumatic this is. How economically unstable most of us are, how so many people are not ready to blow money they don’t have in supplies. Or handouts that never arrive either.

None of us want another Maria. It’s out of our hands though.

Btw, just as I was about to publish this? Power left. UGH.

Michi out.


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