The Fangirl Diaries: SuJu’s ‘Apology’

I don’t need to specify how much I love Super Junior. I really don’t. If this kind of post isn’t your cup of tea then just check in on the next one. I’m a fangirl and there’s no hiding it. Especially after getting into UtaPri(more on that at another time. Natsuki is too precious for this world).

Super Junior, or as we fangirls call them most of the time SuJu, released their comeback album last fall after Donghae and Eunhyuk came out of their military service. This was the comeback that I was waiting for and they did not disappoint with ‘Black Suit’.

As in true, tired, and normal SM Entertainment fashion…a repackage was teased by Yesung and it was confirmed some time later. At that point I didn’t feel too sad that I missed out on buying the standard version of ‘Play’.

I’m still waiting for the album to arrive and I am so excited. I recently bought more albums thanks to my local Spec’s starting to stock Kpop. I got ‘Mamacita’ and ‘Devil’, which were the albums I was missing physically other than ‘Play’. I tore those albums open as soon as I could to look at the pictures and what photo card I got. To this day I still can’t believe my total goes three(two for sure, can’t remember the third, it’ll fall off an album eventually) for Ryeowook and two for Donghae. What are the odds of that happening though? I mean, in SJM cards I’ve gotten more variety. My Japanese version of the ‘Perfection’ mini album gave me a Zhoumi card and ‘Swing’ gave me a Sungmin one.

I’m still waiting on the album and I hope it arrives next week. When it gets in my hands I’ll probably squeak in delight and then take too many photos. It’s the special edition after all.

Their title track is ‘Lo Siento’ and I highly doubt the boys are sorry. They know they hit our fangirl wallets for dear life. Also have high hopes to see them live again and this time is mostly for Henry. He’s amazing.

That’s enough fangirling for today.

Michi out!


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