Day Twenty Six: Solid Goooooold

I bought ‘Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle’ a few months back during the holidays. I couldn’t stop raving about it to everyone I spoke to and within reason. The game is absolutely amazing. So much love and care went into the game and I felt all of it.

I’m not particular on puns, I have a friend who seems to think puns are a way of life, yes I’m looking at you Chuck. I cringe and just want to just smack him when he comes in with one of those. I’ve also resorted to sending him ‘Katamari on the Swing’ as a way to get back at him. It works.

Back to the Rabbids! My first encounter with them was with a Wii U launch title, so just imagine how long ago that was. Now, onto the real matter at hand, the current game. The weapons in Mario + Rabbids have all of these crazy, pun-tastic, and hilarious names. I just love all of them. Grenaducks by far have the best names.

Bonus concept art because I can. I’ve been taking pictures and uploading on twitter some of the best things I’ve seen. I have absolutely loved this game from start to finish. I’ve yet to dabble into the Co-Op games but I’m eager to find someone to play it with me.

Now that the game is over, the castle is gold and it looks so weird! I mean, for the longest time to me the castle has always been white and seeing it gold all of a sudden threw me in for a loop. It’s a nice little cosmetic bonus I guess.

I’m now also on the hunt of the missing collectibles, finishing up the challenges and just messing around. Like I said, I still haven’t touched the two player content but it’s on my list. I’m also waiting for the first DLC which was announced a few months ago.

I think the best thing about playing this game was that I went in blind. I didn’t know what I was in for. As far as I had read around, it was an RPG. I knew from various YouTube stars(Joven, Pam) that the game was amazing and it was hard to put down and I totally saw why as soon as I started. The game is great, kicking off with some whole hearted belly laughs for me. I think I’ve said this before, the game has a lot of love poured into it and it shows so much.

The weapons are all fun to look at, names that are witty a lot of the time. Mario Rabbid has a weapon I never got to use because I played with other people in my party but they were all great. The puzzles were complicated but they were fun to solve. It’s a solid game. By far one of the best pickups I did during 2017. Definitely a must have.

If you have a Switch and have not picked up this game yet, please do so. Hopefully you’ll love it as much as I do.

Now I go back to solving the missing puzzles. Not to mention going off on the Ultimate Fun!!!

Michi out!

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