Day Twenty Five: Post Maria Stress Disorder

This is a thing and it’s so underestimated. Every time we experience a power outage, or any other service goes out, people freak out and lose their minds.

I’m one of them. Every time the power goes out, the anxiety just builds until the issue of why it happened is revealed. Lately, it’s been over the stupidest things. Last week a tree fell on one power line and the whole Metro area goes down. Today it was a digger that cut into one of the power lines. It’s totally absurd that this is a thing and that it was the same company that caused both problems. They have since been released from working on the power lines.

There are people who still haven’t seen power since the Hurricane hit seven months ago. Guess what? Hurricane season starts June 1st. It’s right around the corner and people are still skeptical about getting their power back before the season’s first hurricane arrives.

I know many people like myself who suffer from Post Maria Stress Disorder. We’re all anxious at the impending arrival of the hurricane season. It’s unnerving. It’s not even June yet. All of these ‘what ifs?’ take over.

There are people that still don’t have power, gas lines formed like nobody’s business on the day the outage happened. They projected we’d be without power for at most 2 days and they weren’t wrong. My power came back yesterday morning while I was trying to sleep. I woke up feeling groggy and my headache was probably a migraine. I lost groceries and I’m not too keen to make an expensive grocery order just to lose it again because of this.

This isn’t right. None of it is.

I’ll be a bit more lighthearted next post. It’s just a lot to go through…and this much in a row to boot.

Michi out.


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