Day Eighteen: ‘The Enemy of a Puerto Rican is Another Puerto Rican’ 

Today’s title is a quote as said by my roomie, Carlos. He’s said this quite a few times in the past few weeks since Maria struck. 

He actually has a point too. 

We’re facing the biggest crisis this island has encountered in these past few decades. Everything is getting out of hand. The power situation is just a prime example. Other engineers from the states are coming in and completing jobs rather quickly where they’ve been assigned. Some Puerto Ricans are dragging around and are behind. They are trying to power Old San Juan but there are still cables and light posts hanging around. 

I fear they’ll keep damaging the grid if they force power like this. 

That’s not even a prime example of the problem. Tesla had to stop selling their products because local distributors were charging way more than the limit Tesla themselves had set for installation. How much? How about 10k? The cap set by tesla is about 2.5k as I recall someone mentioning who went to Tesla directly. 

Generators? HAH. The 550ish models in the states are nearly 2k down here. People are profiting in a time of need. I wish I was kidding. 

Same goes for groceries. Prices for some things that are basic necesites are double their usual price in privately owned local chains. Water particularly. 

It’s all about survival here and it’s appalling to think that people are looking to profit from their own people. ‘Puerto Rico se levanta’? At what cost? 


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