Day Seventeen: Rain

Yesterday the sky was pink. I barely saw it from Old San Juan but everyone was talking about it. It was all over Facebook and all the social media. 

That’s the contaminaion from all the cars and generators that are currently running. The sky was pink due to all the fuel. It was beautiful but it’s also haunting. That’s how much people have had to rely on these things because the situation with power in this island is terrible. 

My water still keeps coming and going. The water I ordered from amazon still hasn’t shipped. It’s too expensive to buy in stores. A regular priced bottle can range from a 1.99 to three dollars. That’s a bottle. Jeez. 

Transportation is expensive. Especially since I don’t have a car. I haven’t had one since May due to an accident that totaled it.

I’ve wanted to write my whole life. I want to make a living out of it. I want to be creative, make videos. Do a podcast. But this is such a huge wretch in everything. My signal still isn’t the best. I have limited access to power. 

I’m waiting on boxes. Four boxes as it stands today. One of them has been in the mail for over a week now. It was scheduled for the 10th. I know there are delays but I haven’t seen a single update on where that box is. I’m worried they broke into it. It’s happened with a lot of boxes coming down here. 

The local Wendy’s has been airing out their restaurant for days. It reeks. I’ve been avoiding going by there because the smell makes me gag. 

It’s been raining for days. It doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon. At least I came prepared this time. I am armed with an umbrella.

Onwards to another day of survival. 


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