Day Nineteen: No Changes

It’s been 35 days since Maria. Nothing has changed in my neck of the woods. I’m back to work and it’s costing me money every day to get there. 

I bought clothes online. My water that I ordered ages ago still hadn’t arrived. Happy mail is stunted. 

I’m slowly being covered in bug bites. This is becoming my new normal. It sucks. 

Lightposts in Old San Juan are still hanging out there. It’s like Toy Foxy in FNaF 2. It’s just taunting me. A reminder that has been over a month and water is still coming and going and that power is basically going to take longer. 

They’re connecting the metro area with power from the West and South in a way to get us to have power sooner. How the hell do you expect to accomplish that when your main tourist destination STILL has hanging power cables and light posts? 

Cruise ships aren’t coming in. They’re cancelling us as a stop since there is no power. Few places are open as it is. Dinner has to be either super early (like 5) or delivery. Not many people deliver to my neck of the woods because reception still sucks. 

Also, don’t even get me started on the whole Whitefish debacle. It’s a front. We all know it is. Instead of that money being used to really help us get powerback it’s a shell for more corruption. 

It’s coming to light in the US how corrupt the whole government is. A lot of the population in this island know it is but the system has been broken for over 20 years. We can’t fix it because it’s too far gone…

This is going to drag on far longer than it should. It’s been 35 days and nothing has really changed. My new normal is askew…and I don’t like it. 


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