Day Sixteen: ‘There Is Life Outside Your Apartment’ 

You know, that’s fine and dandy but the life outside my apartment also sucks because we’re trying to survive here. 

Power Grid keeps collapsing. It’s not being able to last 24hrs at 16% without it giving out. As far as I heard a relief worker discussing, the grid hasn’t been repaired and it’ll take a while so they’re patching things up before the big fix. 

I’m going to be saying hello to 2018 in the dark people. This is a reality. This could actually happen. 

I saw in the last AEE status report that they sent a few people over to troubleshoot the problems in OSJ and its expected to take five days. Considering how everything is going around, it’s not shocking. 

They took my water this morning. Again. Like, I had water for almost a week! Non-stop. I don’t know what they’re doing now. 

A generator wasn’t cheap and I had to buy water online and hope it ships via UPS. Water is normally priced in my local Walgreens thankfully but it’s still cheaper to buy online. 

This is insane. This is crazy. This is malarkey. This is asinine. This is…my life right now. 

I didn’t ask for this. Nobody asked for this. Yet here we are. 

There is life outside my apartment and it’s harder every single day. People, a lot of them, are trying their hardest to get by. 

My job is going to cost me half of what I make on a weekly basis. I can’t do this for too long. I need that money! This is reaching higher and higher levels of absurdity. 

Politics is what’s gonna kill us. I feel it and I’m not the only one. This is terrible for me. And I’m one of the lucky ones. 


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