Day Ten: A Week After Irma

So I meant to update sooner about Irma and make a catch up post. I was without power for days. We still had water but then that was gone because they shut down the plants. Thankfully we had gallons of water to deal with…but it’s tedious.

img_1157 The next day, in the morning we took a walk to assess the damages. We found lot of leaves and power cables on the ground. Equipped with water bottles and not much else, my roomie and I started to find a way to have some hot food too. Since we live in a tourist spot, I figured Starbucks was open. The restaurant that was closet to us only had the manager as its only employee. He was going to asses how things were before operating that restaurant chain.

Luckily for us Starbucks was open but we didn’t bring our cables to charge img_1158up our stuff. It was nice to have hot food and cold drinks, especially since we had no idea how much longer we were gonna be without power. I couldn’t make it to work because it was impossible to leave where I was. Uber wasn’t entirely operational and our signal was mostly gone.

After breakfast we headed home and assessed the damage. There was so many leaks in the kitchen and the apartment was super hot. My blinds and windows, since they’re made of wood, they wouldn’t budge at all. It made my apartment even hotter.

We were without power for a good couple of days. I had to go to the office, all the extra surrounding noise gave me a killer migraine. Made me miss work the next day.

Image on the left my delicious lunch on Saturday and the one on the right is the cable that was still on the street Saturday morning on my way to grab breakfast. Since there was no power it wasn’t as dangerous but still. It took them days to get around to it.

I was able to get back to being more relaxed at home on Monday but now with what looks like Maria being on her way here…I’m unhappy. I don’t want another hurricane. I don’t want another mess. I lost a fan because of the rain and I really don’t want to have to use uber to get to work every day if I can avoid it.

Maria is coming in this week and I’m freaking out even more. I’m already short on Money and this is going to make it even worse.

Here’s to hoping that Maria doesn’t destroy us.

Michi out!


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