Day Six: Hurricane Woes

The last Hurricane I ever recall ever being affected by was in the 90’s. In the 2000’s I remember a bunch of storms but a serious, hardcore hurricane? Pfft, heck if I remember.

Now with Irma looking like a damn monster, it puts things into a bit of a perspective but also it dawns on me how much preparedness has disappeared in this island. I remember that the season always brought about some chaos during the whole period because we experience so many storms during the whole process. Now when anything comes remotely close to us, people go nuts.

I’m more upset that Irma looks to be hitting us just when D2 comes out. Now our power provider(there’s only one in this damn island) says they can withstand a hurricane. PFFT. DON’T MAKE ME LAUGH.

This is the exact same power company that has such a screwed up infrastructure that left this whole island without power FOR DAYS due to bad maintenance. Are you kidding me? Nah, I don’t believe that in a second.

When I lived with mom our power lines were underground so we didn’t have too many power outages. Then George came around and ruined it, which made our power lines go back up into the sky. From then on power outages were like, a monthly thing. Sometimes they’d leave us without power at THREE IN THE GODDAMN MORNING. My room was one of the hottest ones in the house. Jeez.

It’s kinda screwed up that I’m more concerned about whether I’ll be able to play D2 on release date or not. Servers will open up at Midnight EST and I really wanna get a jump on the game. The last trailer got my HYPED UP YO.

Just a reminder that I have bills to pay and a trip to Japan I’m saving for so any donation would be appreciated.

Also, I did manage to play FortNite last night. It was nice to let loose and kill some husks. The new event is a lot of fun but it’s a shame that the weapon I wanna use I have to RNG the schematic as opposed to get it when I gather the materials I just get ONE WEAPON that’ll break after a few uses. Not yay.

So tonight after taking care of doggos, more gaming! HUZZAH FOR LAZY SUNDAY.

Michi out!


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