Day Five: Breakfast Adventures

After getting home super late from taking care of the doggos, I fell asleep fast after my hot shower. I woke up to the soft sounds of rain before going back to sleep.

When I finally was wide awake, albeit a bit groggy, I spent a while before debating what I wanted for breakfast. I thought about some PB on bread but then I realized what I really wanted. I got dressed and headed for La Bombonera for a tasty mayorca with cheese and ham.

I got one and took it home. Settled down on the couch and started watching more SVU reruns. I know ‘Narcos’ season 3 is out now but I’m waiting to binge watch that. Roomie and I watched the first two seasons together.

I miss gaming. I’ve been itching to play FortNite with the Roomie but it’s been nightly trips to take care of the doggos. I’d love to play tonight but I don’t know how long it’ll take me to get back from there. I leave at ten and I’m usually back by one in the morning. Now tomorrow this won’t be an issue since I’m off Sunday, I can stay up later than normal.

So tomorrow I play. I need to.

Michi out!


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