Day Three: Looking Like a Tourist

So this morning started off with an almost adventure. Dad needed me to take him to the airport. Now, I don’t have a car so what we were going to do was a hand off because I’m also dog sitting for this week and part of the next one.

I darted out of the apartment and headed out to catch an Uber to meet with dad at a hotel. Now, in Puerto Rico this is highly dangerous since Taxi Drivers and Uber do not get along in the slightest. I’m dropped off by my Uber near the hotel entrance and I wait it out by the flags for him.

Then this cab driver asks me if I need a taxi or if I’m waiting for an Uber. All of this in full English. I’m sure he thought I was yet another misguided tourist who didn’t know the situation at hand. He kept watching me until my dad finally pulled up about twenty minutes later.

I’m still baffled that I get this kind of treatment still. Sure, living in Old San Juan will make it easier for people to confuse me as a tourist sometimes but I have no idea what type of aura I’m exuding for this even to be a thing. I don’t have a problem with tourists approaching me since it’s obvious that I speak English due where I’m located…or might be my appearance. I can never tell.

This morning I woke up seriously fangirling though. Henry released his new single today and I’m so hyper about it. I’ve been dying for him to release more solo work and I’m happy that he’s getting a chance to.

Also hoping that I’ll get to meet him in person again. I still smile like a dork when I think about SMTown 2011 in New York…SME can you get on that for 2018 or something? Well, when I make to Japan if they have a show I kill two birds with one stone so I’m fine with either or.

Now I and my not tourist bum will go back to working on things before tomorrow’s post.

Michi out!


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