Writing again and it feels SO good

Hello world!

I’ve been publishing an original story over at Wattpad and honestly, it feels really good. I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember and this idea has been swimming in my head for the longest time now.

Sure, it’s a silly romance novel but it’s lighthearted. The world needs a lot more of that right now I would think.

I’ve abandoned this blog again and while I’m working on the still unfinished ‘Smart Heart’, it dawned on me how much I love to write. I always seem to blank out and forget this because I let my anxiety and other situations overwhelm me.

I’m hoping to finish ‘Smart Heart’ before the year is gone. I might dabble into posting some of my other fanfics that I’ve been working over the years while I get another original idea going. I have to keep those creative wheels turning somehow. I can’t loose my touch.

I’ll likely post again soon. This time about Gears of War 4 and how it feels to finally finish it. Especially since I completed it in about less than 2 days? Sure, it’s nothing to boast about but considering how my sessions have been short lately that’s a feat for me!

Thanks for reading. Michi out!

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