Pokémon Hunting Travels

So as the world knows, Gen 2 was posted as an update for Pokémon Go and I’ve been working my way through the Pokédex like lightning.

The game crapped out on me a bunch of times. But I’ve managed to score two out of three starters. I squealed on my way to my car for my Chikorita and last night I caught a Cyndaquil while I was making my way back home with dinner from Buns. People heard me squealing from across the bay, I swear.

Anyway, last night’s journey started when I got home and found parking alarmingly quickly. That’s thanks to this idiot who thought he could fit into a tiny spot so lucky me! I caught my first of the night(after my Chikorita that same morning) and, no pun intended, I was having a hoot with my Hoothoot!

Turned out that was the ditto I’d been chasing after since the update thank you very much.

Now gleefully armed with my Ditto I set forth to Buns for my dinner. I caught a couple of your basic, common types before my Cyndaquil popped up. I screeched and went on my merry way.

As I arrived at Fela, unfortunately my game crapped out and I lost Misdreavus. My second one of the day. I lost a Totodile in that same fashion during my lunch break. After fighting with my ‘GPS signal lost error’, I had my food and started the journey home.

I caught my second, this time male, Wobbuffet on the way up and apparently the other people around me who were playing Go didn’t care. Meh, whatever. I got home, had my dinner and leveled. After derping out and losing an incense because I threw it out(I’m terrible, I know) I just managed to keep using one of my two lures at home. My apartment is a Pokéstop so yay me!

Togetic has been hailed as one of the more problematic catches. I was blessed by the RNG and was able to catch one on my second ball! Friend was watching Batman vs. Superman and I was playing around and secured my Togetic.

My last catch of the night was a cute little Phanpy before bed. Heck yeah!

Anyway, I’m going back to cleaning. Ugh. I should’ve caught/chased that Larvitar.

Michi out.

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