The Best Beat is Your Own

So my inner dancer has been out every now and then but it’s been a while since I filmed my last dancing binge. It is coming to celebrate reaching 100 likes on my personal page. I’m probably going to upload it way before I get to the 100 but I don’t care. I’ve been told to take out the performer for a stroll and I refuse to hold it back anymore.

It also helps that there have been some consistently good Kpop tunes busting out these past few weeks. BLACKPINK not withstanding.  Sure their track ‘BOOMBAYAH’ is that club pumping hit I’ve been waiting for all summer long…but I’ve been feeling the dance bug since EXID had their comeback with L.I.E. 

I’ve been trying to get ahead of myself with goals for my channel and my blog but it’s been a little stunted. A lot of obstacles have been limiting my output on lets plays and limited resources. I’m working on catching up to the beat of things and it looks like I’ll be able to catch up to a bunch of my plans in the next months. All thanks to help from my co-conspirator. This is great for my mood and the other things I have planned in the long run. 

The dancing video will be incoming and I can’t wait to show it/upload it. I’m a gamer by birth but a dancer by nature. I’m marching to my own beat of things, just the way it should be. 

I might make another post today but this time touching up on a bit of the gamer side of me again. Yes, more Division talk. Brace yourself.

Michi out!


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