Going Down Underground

So I said I’d talk abou The Division and here we go.

After xZEROZx and I took a shot at the dark zone and were frustrated at the trolls and people leaving right in he middle of any incursion that we bothered to tackle…I was almost reluctant to suggest we tackle the underground DLC that we have available since we both have the gold edition of the game.

Yesterday before we went off to see Suicice Squad, which will get its own post in due time, we decided to take a crack at it at last.

I’m happy to report that we actually had a lot of fun and are finally seeing progression I our characters after being kinda stunted. We’re getting high level set pieces and the caches are always full of surprises. Not all good obviously. xZEROZx is kinda blessed with marksman rifles. He throws a fit every time he unboxes one, it’s hilarious.

We have also encountered our fair share of bugs and lags still, which when you look at how long the game has been out, this is getting absurd. We’re in the same Ethernet connection and it causes the most frustrating bugging and lag in the worst moments. Hell, I could be playing from mom’s house and I still get lag in my gameplay. Like, no. I’ve been killed in the heat of battle too much over this.

Tonight we’re going back into the underground aside from HVTs that we’re getting the hang of. Gameplay of this coming soon, I promise.

Thanks for reading, Michi out.


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