A Toxic Gaming Community Tests Patience

So I mentioned that I was quitting Desitny on the Xbox one due to the players and how unhelpful little trolls that they are. And it looks like I am going to have to quit my Xbox One for my PS4.

I finally finished capping to level 30 in The Division and it’s been impossible to be able to complete any endgame mission. People rage quitting, being generally unhelpful and not to mention the trolls in the Dark Zone that seriously pissed off xZEROZx and I last night. We were able to make a few successful extractions but the best ones were done at 5am Atlantic time. Yeah, you read me.

Today we tried to do an incursion or two and again, people rage quitting when things do not go well. Missions that looks impossible for the recommended gear level… Like, no wonder people have stopped playing this game

I’ve always found gaming as a great stress relief but this is entirely out of hand, I’m getting angry, my friend is getting angry and it’s absurd how it’s escalating. Thankfully no insults have been tossed yet at each other but some words have come out a few times in rage at the people being trolls.

I’m still furious at how people are just like this. I can deal with trolls once or twice but this is getting completely out of hand. I love my Xbox, xZEROZx loves his console too but we’re essentially done. This isn’t what I play for and having to move to PS4 isn’t my ideal scenario but I want to play and have fun. Not get pissed…

Michi out.


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