Picking up Destiny after a long time gone…

When I first got my Xbox One, my sole purpose was to play the then announced Arkham Knight but it was in that shadow of the announcement of that last delay…so I got Destiny to kill time. I think I got something else too but I can’t remember for the life of me what it was.

Anyway, I tried playing it alone and got my Hunter until level 25…I was at the endgame and increasingly upset because the Crytptarch was an ass and I was now trying to get my light level up. (yes, that’s when I started playing). I didn’t feel like the endgame was the endgame…and the voice acting was terrible.

So after my bout with chilungunya…I just quit playing and got into my other stuff. I was so pissed I uninstalled it and everything. I was done with the game and I never thought I’d be back.

Fast forward to about two months ago….maybe a bit more. My co-conspirator Zeroz gets me to play with him after much insistence and after waiting for days for the game to install under my old potato connection. We start new characters and off we go!

I quit playing Destiny because the game was boring as heck. It still is really but playing with a friend has made this experience way more enjoyable. I’m just having issues with the community since not many people online are actively helping us out when it comes to completing quests and that pisses us both off.

We’re just two people in a massively unhelpful community. We find a third and then some convoluted stuff happens…like a bumper breaking off.

I love my XBox One. I love my controller…I don’t like the PS4 controller but I might have to make a change…and I’m not happy about it. Oh well.


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