More tales of the repressed performer

It’s hard to get up and dance and practice when you don’t have the space for it.

This has been the biggest part of my problem lately. When I was in college I didn’t give a damn and the dance room was unlocked late in the day so I could use it. Since I have graduated college it’s been harder to find a space for creative dance freedom.

I would say the same for my singing but I do a lot of that in my car so I do have an outlet. I’m probably entertaining too many people in stoplights. I’ve seen people point at me more times than I’ve dared to count. It’s better they join in with their own party.

So…I’ve had this issue where I want to bust a move in the middle of the street, kinda like what I used to do back in my high school days. It’s just harder since people are a lot more critical lately. Then again, I’ve always marched to the beat of my own drum so…

I was telling a friend the other day that I need to take my inner performer out more often. He agrees and it was a great talk. He’s probably grinning as he reads this, thinking he’s got another tool he’s been immortalized in. Yessir.

I said it in my last post that I’m working on it and it’s hard. It’s a battle to try and find a place to let loose in. I’ll find it. It’s hard to do it at home. Dog gets too excited when I start dancing, thinks I’m going to play with him. He’s adorable but he really gets in the way. Meh, with those eyes I can’t stay mad at the pup forever…

Hopefully I’ll find some space to dance tomorrow. I need to let loose.


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