More on Pokémon Shuffle

I talked about this game briefly after its release…I’m blogging about it again because well, I’m still playing it.

I’ve been getting quite annoyed at the whole matching ranking tourney whatever the hell is going on thingy for some of the Mega Evolutions. I think it’s totally unfair that only 20k people get a damn Blastoiseite and I have to settle for a jewel. I understand that the jewels are extremely valuable but let’s face it. We have no idea when the next Tournament is and frankly, most of the Mega Evolutions I have now as it stands are practically normal types! Sure, you have a few with other typings but they’re essentially grouped into Psychic, the one dragon, dark, and oh that ghost type and that electric one. 

When you’re facing a Pokémon like Togekiss, that has only Mega Mawile at its disposal…it’s just murder. It’s been impossible to defeat again, let alone catch. I feel like I’m grinding more than I’m actually playing. No bueno. 

Don’t even get me started on Blaziken. I could’ve had Mega Blastoise which would’ve so helped in catching him but nooooooo I had to get kicked out of the top 20k on the last day with little score improvement to get back up there. 

It’s things like this that make people either spend money on the game or just quit playing it. I’ve been so close to using my remaining nintendo eShop balance to get jewels for coins it’s not even funny. It’s also at a time like this that makes me wonder how Nintendo’s games for mobile devices will pann out. Probably as bad as this or worse. Oh well. 

That’s it for now. I might talk about this game again if I ever make it beyond Mega Mewtwo Y. 

Michi out!!!


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