Thanks Smosh Games, I mean it! Thank you.

Ok, I’m going to get a little bit personal here. I have been mulling this post idea for a long time and I’m finally getting around to it. As the title states, this is a thank you for Smosh Games (and Smosh isn’t that far behind either).

During the summer of last year I had to undergo one of the biggest struggles in my life. I lost one of my best friends due to very unpleasant circumstances. I was being harassed and assaulted in my own home. I had to move out of my apartment for my safety and it took a lot out of me. I had to move back in with my family.

While the person I was dating at the time was far away as well, I had to deal with the struggle of working through the harassment internally and with the help of the people around me. It was especially hard since I’d worked to establish this life, live on my own, for almost two years and basically had to start over, rebuilding my independence. So as I was working through this, I was receiving support from my family and friends but there were some people in particular that were just telling me to ‘suck it up’ and ‘get over it’. I had been living with the person who was causing me this harm for a little over a year and I didn’t want to accept what was going on as the truth; it’s a process!

I got really sad and wasn’t feeling much like myself. I had good days and I had bad days. There were days I felt like myself but there were also days I didn’t feel good at all.

There was this day at my mom’s where things really started to turn around for me. I remember that I was on the couch with my baby sister. She and I were discussing Youtubers and she’d asked me if I’d seen Ian and Anthony’s gaming channel. I didn’t even know they had one at the time, to be quite honest. I told her I hadn’t and so she started showing me videos she thought I’d like. Game Bangs. All dancing ones by the way, which I think features them at their best. Not sorry Lasercorn, but they are.

I was laughing and enjoying myself. My sister then got into it and showed me other videos to keep the mood going. I will never forget these, the Game time with Smosh, the one where Ian and Anthony played ‘The Impossible Quiz’. Anthony’s rage had my sister and I laughing hysterically.

Once she got me started, I sat down and started watching more of the channel and it’s content. I did not hesitate to subscribe as soon as I could and really got into it, still enjoying the Game Bang the best out of all the videos in the week. Of course, as the time went on I’ve been able to enjoy a lot of the other features. Thanks to this and the channel, everyone helped me feel more like myself. They reminded me how much fun exploring weird things in games could be since I barely enjoyed playing at that point due to the living situation I was having. I couldn’t enjoy games in my room…I always had him in there making me uncomfortable.

Smosh Games and the Smosh channel with their silly sketches did wonders to lift my mood and helped me through a really difficult time, giving me back my love for gaming. I feel at home again with my games. So thanks Anthony, Ian, Wes, Joven, Mari, Flitz, Sohinki, and Lasercorn! Thank you so much.


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