Pokémon Rumble World…yet another Freemium

And I’m back with another gaming post! Woooo!

Nintendo released shortly after their Nintendo Direct on April 1st yet another free to start Pokémon game, another installment into the Rumble World franchise. Is it good? Is it bad? Well, read on!

I really did enjoy rumble blast on the 3DS when I first got it so when this was announced, this was a no brainer!

Or so I thought.

The game says ‘Free to start’ and essentially that is true, the game you can start it without spending any money. The downside is…you want all those balloons? Then poney up the money to get them the easy way. I’ve been working my butt off to get more diamonds so I can get more diamonds to catch more Pokémon.

I have another bone to pick with the game on top of that little thing with the diamonds. The way you can catch these Pokémon is by going to stages and killing them, much like the other games. Really frustrating is that is randomized. I’m trying to complete an area and I can’t because when I press the button it leads me to a world I’ve already completed. DAMMIT YOU.

I’m also not liking the drop rate. It could be just my game, but my list is so full of Simisages and Pansages. I DON’T LIKE THEM. STAHP. I WANT PIKACHU DAMMIT. It’s just so annoying. I’m getting truckloads of Mareeps, Pansages, a bunch of ‘useless’ Pokémon that work my ass off to avoid but I still need to grab them because I’m grossly underleveled if I don’t. I can’t count how many times a Pansage or a Simisage has been my most powerful. Ugh.

Is the game fun? For the most part, yes actually. I like how the type advantages have been played out. You get both typings working if the Pokémon has them. Very useful.

I also like how the Mii element is played out and well, it’s been fairly obvious that most of the incoming players you get online are from Japan. Shocker. Still nice to get more people in your adventurers log. Now if only they counted as passes for more diamonds!

I’ve not put a single cent into the game, but I’ve been tempted to more than once. Believe me. Just because of how annoying it’s been to gather diamonds.

Should you download it? If you like Pokémon Rumble as a franchise…totally! You’ll have some fun with it. If you’re a casual gamer? I’d say stay away from it if you get frustrated too easily. Just because of the the drop rates. Granted, this is my experience…wouldn’t know if anyone else’s would be the same.

I’m done. Michi out!


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