The Fangirl Diaries: Henry Part 1

If I hadn’t mentioned this before, I adore Henry Lau. I think he’s amazingly talented and my favorite member in all of Super Junior. He wasn’t always that though. He was actually right there with Donghae, then he just came up the list out of nowhere.

So just imagine how much I was happy to hear that he was getting his solo debut two years back. I was ecstatic. I’m still hyper when I hold that first mini album in my hands.

Every time he has a goodbye stage, I’m just waiting for the next announcement release from him. He’d been teasing fans with screen grabs from an MV set but nothing’s come from that.

The shock, the shock, when he randomly announced yesterday that an hour and fifteen minutes from that tweet he was going to release a new song. I was flipping out, scouring all of the online mediums it could be on since when I got to the tweet, four hours had passed by.

I finally found it and I was just on a fangirl high. IT WAS SO DIFFERENT. I didn’t care that it was an OST song for a K-Drama that I’m never going to watch. I’ve been yearning for new music from him that it was just a surprise! A good one too! I loved the track from first listen and I love it so much! I’ve been eagerly waiting for it’s online release so I can just put it on my phone and jam to it in the car with a smile on my face. He does that. So much. Anytime one of his songs plays.

This little fangirl diaries is just while I keep waiting for an official comeback announcement. I’m gunning for April…but I’m just a fangirl, if it’s not then, I hope for May. I just want him to release a full album already!!!

All right, enough fangirling. Michi out!


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