The fangirl diaries: EunHae Part 1

This is a post series about the different things that I fangirl about. It’ll be an ongoing thing aside from my regular postings, but these are less structured reviews and more about me letting my fangirl loose. So be warned of caps and a lot of rambling when you see a fangirl diaries title. 

This week marks the official first album release fo two of Super Junior’s members sub-unit. They have been named Super Junior Donghae + Eunhyuk in Japan and in Korea their name has been switched around once or twice. Regardless, they released an album yesterday and it was not a drill. 

I was not prepared for that music video. IT WAS AMAZING. THE PRODUCTION VALUE ON THE THING. There was more than one set, there were shots of them looking stunning, sad and WAIT THEY’RE OUTSIDE?! WHAT?! Has it really been that long since the last SM video that had outside shots happen?! I can’t remember. 

I felt a little underwhelmed with the highlight medley but the music video sold me. I bought the album without a second thought. It’s been downloading at home while I’m at this thing. 

Donghae has a beautiful, silky voice and I love hearing it. So when EunHae have something out, I jam the crap out of it. He used to be my top bias in SJ for that reason alone. Now it’s someone else, granted. Henry is just…amazing. 

I have to give Hyukkie props though. He’s shining in this MV as well, like…holy moley!!! DAMN. I just can’t wait to spam this at home. I’m probably going to have this entire album on repeat for days. The title track is just SO STRONG. I was expecting to be a completely different track due to all the mellow piano melodies we were getting in every single teaser. This type of track was definitely a breath of fresh air and I’m just PRAYING AND WISHING those two get a repackage. I mean, that Korean version of ‘Love that I need’ cannot stay in the SM song catalogue forever…it probably will though. Considering that the only time we even got a glimpse of it was in that one instagram pic. Oh well. 

That’s enoough fangirling for now. Michi out!


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