Pokémon does Candy Crush

I mentioned last night that I’d gotten my hands on the new Pokémon game, Pokémon Shuffle. Essentially Nintendo went ahead and delved into the Freemium genre.

I was eagerly waiting for this game since it’s announcement this last January so last week, when it finally dropped I spent time fighting with my console because it was taking too long to download on my own console. I started up the game that lunch break.

The seemingly bad plot about a reporter taking notes on your superior catching skills is just that. Bad. It’s a fairly simple premise but it’s got a frustrating way of getting in the way. It’s increasingly annoying since all you want to do is play the damn game.

The game is really simple. It’s basically match three and you attack the pkmn on the top screen in a certain amount of moves. You do that, you get a shot at catching it.

When I say shot that is exactly what I mean. It’s a chance. There are chances where you have a decent catch ratio but then there are others…like Eevee, where you have to spend 2500 coins for you to be able to even get a better ratio to catch it!

I’m still pissed off at Absol’s catch rate. I haven’t been able to get a single EX stage pkmn. It’s absurd! I know that the purpose of those expert stages is to screw you over but come oooooon! You really want to tell me that a catch rate for a Pichu is really that slim?! I don’t even!!!!

The game obviously has microtransactions, which is to be expected in a freemium game like this. I hoard the free jewels the game gives you so I can get a bigger bunch of lives than just five hearts for one of them. I did that the other day, got fifteen hearts for three jewels. I managed to play for another hour before I finally wittled them down.

Is the game fun? Definitely. Should you go out of your way and get this free software for your 3DS or 2DS? DO IT. DO IT NOW. It’s a frustrating game  but then again, there are very few games that aren’t. Those are usually the boring/easy ones. Take a crack at it at least. I like it!

That’s it on this game for now. Michi out!


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