For my Spanish Speaking readers, I’m in a Podcast!

Wooo! I’ve been waiting for the first episode to be out officially and it finally is!

I was recently asked to join some guys in a Geek/Nerd oriented podcast where we talk about topics related to super heroes, comics, video games, movies…practically anything you can nerd out about in pop culture. I totally signed up for the project and we recorded last Thursday. Today the first podcast makes it’s debut! Woo!

It’s practically all in Spanish (with the exception of a sprinkle of English here and there) you can totally listen to it here. I’ll be working on getting more regular posts out, I’ve been busy with prepping for the podcast and well, I picked up Tales of the Abyss. Currently hating everything out of Ortion Cavern…but loving Asch!

I’ll probably make a post about my misadventures playing Abyss again, since this would be my second time playing it. I never got to finish the second playthrough on my ps2. If only I still had a working one…

Oh, I’ve also been playing Pokémon Shuffle, which I’ll go on about soon too. Wait for that!

Just wanted to leave a little update post after that last wall of text I posted.



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