A final word on ACUnity

I finished ACUNITY! FINALLY. Before I get to that though, I made a FB page for the blog! Link is in the sidebar, feel free to like it to follow me on fb. It’s still under construction but I’m working hard to getting it all finalized within the week. Now, onto the real subject matter of my post now.


I finally finished the game earlier today. It’s been a ridiculously long journey (since release day) and I’ve finally come to finish it once and for all. I would’ve finished the game sooner if two things had not happened. One was a miss clicked fast travel to the DLC content, which was actually pretty fun. Two was the fact that in order for me to clear the game’s second to last mission with Robespierre, I needed the third lockpicking skill rank because it was impossible otherwise.

After I finally got a hold of Robespierre and I made my getaway, I was more than relieved to be at the final mission. Then we encounter Germain, who has a piece of Eden. SHOCKING!!! He’s a frustrating sort. I prefer the lantern in the Dead Kings DLC by a long shot.

So I have to chase him out of his tower to head down to the Temple and try to kick his ass. Annoying fight and Elise dies. Saw that one coming from the beginning. The game ends super anticlimactic as you find out who the sage is at last and you’re basically left initiated into the Assassin’s with a gut wrenching problem. What the hell was this game? A filler?

Seems like it. This entire game felt like a filler game! I loved Arno, hated handling Arno. Last game that was this twitchy with a protagonist!? CONNOR A FEW GAMES BACK. Last time I yelled this much at my TV for poor character maneuvering was Connor. I had a better time with Grandpa Kenway. The story was an interesting start but the rest of the build was choppy, they brought in Napoleon out of ‘left field’ and the ending when they reveal who the sage is makes this entire game feel like filler space. I can understand that with this game they’re trying to build a gap for the next HUGE ( I might be underestimating that so much right now) franchise title.

With how this game handled, I don’t even want to touch Rouge. I’ll just reread the Wiki article on this game and be done with it. Forever. I’m even terrified of the next assassin’s game. I’m worried about how much more of the ‘real life’ aspects are going to be cut off. I missed that so much in this game. The Helix missions were fun for the chase and the bonuses. There was only momentary gratification with that. Nothing lasting about the real world contact. Just…there.

Ugh, I’m actually a little bit upset about getting the season pass now. Any word on that supposed stand alone game? I haven’t heard a damn thing. For now the game is going to rest on my shelf. I might not even touch more multiplayer missions. I’m done.

Incidentally, also done with the post. I’ll just dive into my next game. Michi out!


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