Catch up from the holidays!

The holidays are almost over in most parts of the world, not here though. In Puerto Rico we still have holidays to come. I believed I posted about this some time back and yet, here I am mentioning it again.

Christmas brought me a lot of new stuff for the apartment. Now I’ve realized that I have more silicone cupcake liners than I initially wanted to work with but hey, I’m up for it! I’m gonna also work on my cookie recipes on my downtime. I’ve been meaning to work on those. Especially after those sugar cookies I made last Sunday. I did get a few things that were actually for me, like Batman shirts and from the work gift exchange an amazingly awesome ‘Killing Joke’ hobo bag. I’ll post up a picture on my isntagram eventually. I’m just reeling from full work weeks.

I’ve also kinda set Arno aside and I’ve been filling up my time with Overdrive. It’s kinda sad though really, considering how much I love the franchise. Assassin’s I mean.

Regardless, I did feel a little lied to with the Lego Batman 3 Batman Beyond DLC. I was totally expecting a stage or something, not just characters. Meh. I’ll still play the crap out of it to get the missing characters. I still don’t have Blue Beetle.

I’ve also gotten the third invoice for my next Japan Crate. I’m really excited about that. I get Japanese candy at my door. How much better can it get?? Well…probably a trip to Japan or a boatload of extra money. Okay, so yeah. Perhaps.

Moving on, I think that’s enough catch up for now. Back to working on my special writings! Woo! Happy Holidays! Happy New Year too!


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