Small Tales of Sunset Overdrive

I finally purchased Sunset Overdrive with my fabulous Xmas bonus. After paying the bills of course! I ended up paying a little less that the game’s new price because I traded in and got rid of two things I was totally annoyed at. CoD Ghosts and Mario Party Island Tour. I’d already written about the Mario Party game but I just couldn’t take it anymore! That game was driving me up the wall! I had to get rid of it. Like Ghosts. I couldn’t play it. I smelled out the whole plot even before I finished the game. I looked it up on wiki and just twitched at how I’d hit the nail on the head for it.

I also had bought the season pass for Overdrive. I love this game. Hell, I’ve enjoyed it so much, I ended up setting Arno aside. I haven’t touched Unity in like a week. I’ll probably play Overdrive again tonight.

I would go more into the details of the game, like the challenges, the weapons(I love the TNT teddy!) but I really wanna play more of this game before I go into all the details of why I love it.

So ends this short blurb of the game. I’ll go into bigger details at another time. Later everybody!


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