Dance Central Spotlight

In case I hadn’t mentioned this before(which I probably have but bear with me), I love dance games. Particularly the now not so prominent DDR and the more recently revived Dance Central Franchise. I bought over the course of the past few months, the second and third installments for the 360 to use with my sister’s Kinect. With the acquisition of my Xbox One, I caved and got Spotlight. At the $10 price, who could resist?

While the game only comes with 10 songs, I did like that they’re basically giving you the option to pick the rest of the songs to expand your arsenal of tracks. My little sister and I as soon I purchased the game and loaded it up, spent money getting tracks we wanted instead of having 50 tracks and having to play songs we’re not really fans of. Being able to chose what I wanted to dance to was great.

You have 8 routines for each song which you progressively unlock as you collect more and more steps. Even if you opt out of not getting anything from the DLC tracks, you’re with 80 routines to chose from! That’s more than any dance central game’s had in years!

I’ve loved playing this game and I’m already preparing the entire list of new songs my little sister and I want to add to the game next. One other thing to note is that if you bought any tracks for previous titles in the franchise, you can totally download them on to your Xbox One.

All in all, this game has been highly enjoyable and I’m totally going to buy more tracks. Woo!

Now onto the rest of my day. Laundry.


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