The things I learned at Walt Disney World…

I’m going to make a list entry about this before probably making another post about something completely unrelated(but still very important)…I just got back yesterday and I go into work tomorrow.

  • Fast Passes are a good thing if you hate long lines. (Toy Story Midway Mania, I’m lookin’ at you)
  • Gaston is more widely popular than previously thought. Lines for Gaston are pretty fast. Missed my shot at him three times.
  • The best tasting water fountains are in Epcot. Note, they also have the coldest water.
  • Magic Kingdom’s water tastes really bad. And it’s usually warm at best. Worst fountains are in Tomorrowland.
  • Space Mountain has no Single Rider. It should.
  • Park to Park transportation is good. If your feet are killing you, you’re better off moving your car to wait less for the buses. The parking receipt works all day.
  • If you’re going to Magic Kingdom and Epcot on the same day, take the monorail. A lot faster and you don’t have to walk that much.
  • Take your 3DS, clean out your tags regularly. They’re gonna fill up every couple of hours. If you’re like me and live in PR, it’s the best way to fill out the US map.
  • Take snacks if you can.
  • Downtown Disney parking is all over the place due to remodeling. Be prepared for more walking than usual.
  • Muppets ride has a changed intro though the movie’s still the same.
  • Star Tours has a couple of key elements that change the ride’s film. There are at least 15 different versions of it. (Heard from big fans of the ride.)
  • The Backlot tour closed in September but they still haven’t closed off that part of the park apparently. They’re still listing it as a closed attraction.
  • Remember your parking with a picture of the nearest sign. Helps just in case your rental is the same color as a lot of cars in the lot. (Mine was silver.)
  • Fantasmic is amazing.
  • Comfy shoes are not a joke. New shoes for the trip? Break them in first.
  • It’s a small world has probably millions of dollars due to the all the coins in the water.
  • Oh, the dolls were updated too.
  • There’s a small ride in the Mexico Pavilion in Epcot hosted by the Three Caballeros.
  • If you get cold easily at night, don’t forget to pack a jacket.
  • Not all cast members have pins anymore. (I didn’t see many at the rides.)
  • Wanna buy a souvenir? Check out Downtown Disney first. They tend to have a sign outside with the promotion all parks will have but it’ll be easier to spot.
  • If you have a data plan with a set data limit, Disney really does have wifi throughout most of the park. Just connect your device once and it’ll keep connecting with all of the connections you find under the same name, saving you on data usage.

And that’s it. I learned a lot on this trip outside of Walt Disney World…like rental cars? Be careful with who you rent. My rental was through priceline and they ended up charging a hell of a lot more than they’d offered me online. I’m looking at you EZ. That set me back so much on my trip budget. They charged me 400 dollars for my rental(not counting the deposit) and it was just 6 days. I also had prepaid the insurance and they still charged it again! I’m just hoping I get the deposit back…

My next post will be soon, about a little something personal. I did promise it earlier though.


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