Cooking Mama first impressions…

I play CoD, I play FPS games, I play a lot of things. Cooking Mama included. It’s my guilty pleasure.

So naturally, when there was a fifth installment announced…I was all over that. I couldn’t last long without purchasing it…I’ve been playing it off and on for the past few weeks. I’ve had a hard time putting it down.

Now, I’ve enjoyed the game but my real bone to pick has been some of the recipes. I’ve feel like I’ve played them before. Which I’m pretty sure, I’ve made Dango, Takoyaki, Decorated Cakes in other installments. I’ve played every single Cooking Mama since the first one came out. My cousin had the game and I borrowed it, along with my sisters copies as they also got the other games.

I’ve also noticed that unlike Cooking Mama 4, a lot of the gyroscope actions have been taken out! I remember doing a lot more with my 3DS in the other game than I do in this one. Granted, it could also be the recipes but…I still feel like it was taken out.

There’s also more mini games in this one. I’ve barely dabbled into them, but there are a few more fun games than in the last game. It also has a ‘studying’ category, which I find it amusing since it’s just mini games for spelling and math. Still fun though.

I’m also madly annoyed that I’m having issues with getting stuff to decorate my kitchen. I randomly get stuff after days of not playing. Is that how the system works? I’ve been busy preparing for my vacation that I haven’t been able to google it. I’ll probably do it tomorrow at the airport while I wait for takeoff.

I’ll probably finish up the game’s recipes soon.This game did bring something interesting. Mama’s Dojo. You’re supposed to do the recipes in a time frame that’s a lot shorter than the ones in the game. It’s a seemingly convoluted system. I’ve only played one recipe so far. I’ll probably come back to his once I do a few more dojo runs.

So far, that’s it for first impressions. I’ll go back to the dojo runs and report on a separate post, I also need to remind myself to talk about Mama’s look and model design. Good night and Michi out!


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