Mario Party Island Tour

I bought this game initially when it came out, playing it with my friends due to it being accessible for them via download. They could play without having a copy. Sounds good, right? It actually isn’t that bad. Playing with friends made it entertaining. Some of the mini games were clever and used the gyroscopic elements of the 3DS really well. Like taking pictures of certain Mario baddies in a map. That one’s one of my personal favorite mini games.

As it’s been the norm in all Mario Party games, there’s a single player mode. It’s the Bowser Tower. You go up 30 floors, getting a boss at every 5th one. You get to the top and you have to beat Bowser. Simple, right?


Bowser's Tower Progress


That is the amount of time and floors I’ve cleared in said tower. I have yet to defeat Bowser. I’m about to loose my mind. I just want to complete my collection, unlock the remaining character and move on with my life. I have not been able to. Every time I reach the top of the tower, Bowser blasts me back to oblivion, stating that I have to reach the top of the tower again to get to his true form. FML.

While the StreetPass element is entertaining, the tower is such a detractor in this thing. It’s ruthless. Every couple of floors, they buff up the computer characters. I’ve made it to the point that when I start in the first floor, the NPCs are in hard already. By the time I get to the higher floors, I’m in super hard. I learned thanks to a Bowser roulette that they can get even harder. All the way to Master level. FML. AGAIN.

So is the game even worth it? Solo? No. Not even. Don’t even. While the boss fights are fun…playing with friends and screwing them over is really what makes this game fun. So…eff that tower. Honestly. I’m losing my mind with it. It’s all because I want that extra flippin’ character…which I’m positive I don’t even unlock by beating the tower…but I don’t have anyone to play the game with right now either. 😦 It’s sad too, I really liked the other Mario Party DS game. This one’s just…such a pain on my side. I’ll stick back to playing Mario Party 2 on the Virtual Console on the Wii. Screw this thing.

I’m done with this gaming post. I think I might do music sometime soon. Michi out!




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