Late night blogging and such…

I’ve been so busy writing, working and gaming that I’ve stopped writing on here. It’s late and I’ve been writing on a side project aside from something that’s kept me busy for more than a year.

To play a little bit of catch-up, I’ve moved back into my mom’s place. I’m sleeping in what used to be my dad’s old office because my sister occupied my old room. The reason why, it’s something I’ll probably end up dedicating a long text post too. It’s…difficult. It has not been easy, but it’s something I’ve been working on getting behind me.

I went to the movies today with Andres, his friends, and my sis. We watched The Expendables 3, where my sister and I were just drooling over Kellan and Antonio. The movie was entertaining and we loved Antonio Banderas in it.

When it comes to gaming, I finished Lego Marvel’s main story. A post about that some other time. I also have been giving some time to Dance Central(borrowed from my friend Andy!) and Dance Central 3, which I purchased. I’ve been doing that as a way to help me move more while I get my dancing back on track. I’ve missed dancing so much. I seem to forget hot much of an outlet it is for me. I think I’ll be making trips to the UPR to borrow a classroom or a dance room. Like the mirror room in the sports complex…I still have my ID.

My work schedule changed, I work Fridays and have Saturdays off. Fantastic, I missed it. Which means more day off adventures. I’ve taken a few photos with that tag and I’m going to keep it going. It’s fun to do things like walking all around Old San Juan just me, my sisters and my cousin. Must do that more often.

That’s about it for tonight. It’s already 2AM and I have a laser tag game to win tomorrow. Hopefully Adolfo shows up. After the whole mess earlier this summer, I’ve barely seen him.


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