Thoughts on Arkham City

I believe I mentioned in an earlier post that I wanted to talk about this game and I should’ve…last year when I first bought it. It’s a late, late, late post but I might as well get onto it.

I got Arkham City thanks to Javi for Valentines day last year. I had just finished asylum and I had really liked it so it didn’t take long for me to pop in Arkham city after I got it. I have the game of the year edition so the Catwoman and Harley Quinn content were already in my game.

After installing the DLC for the game, I quickly started up the campaign. The character model was better for Bruce while Batman just looked more buffed up than I would’ve liked. Regardless, it was a decently modeled batman.

The gameplay was excellent. I really loved my entire experience throughout the story. It was solid and the story was somewhat engaging…I still have some of my reservations with Talia’s involvement in the story…particularly because I don’t always like what they do to her. To me the Talia in the animated series was the best.

The Catwoman story was widely entertaining. I loved how Selina played and some of her combo attacks were stupidly hilarious. I just couldn’t believe the moves and combos she pulled. I found myself laughing half the time when I played her missions.

Harley Quinn’s revenge DLC was to me, one of the best things in hype game. All biases for the voice acting aside…(Troy Baker can be Tim Drake forever….seriously…UGH. IT WAS PERFECT). I really loved the entire premise of the content and how it was carried out. There should be more Robin geared DLC for these games. It’s not that I don’t like the challenge maps or mini campaigns. I played through most of the Robin and Nightwing ones…it’s just that story driven content for these characters would be such a good idea. They’re a part of the huge Batman universe and deserve their own limelight.

All in all, this game was a definite improvement of the first and I will not stop recommending this game to people. Seriously, PLAY IT.

That’s all I have to say for this game. Michi out! On a side note, I did play origins. That is going to get its own blog post too. Eventually…


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