No laser tag, but…

I mentioned that we were going to play laser tag on my next day off adventure but sadly, by the time we got there…a huge birthday party was taking place. The kids had priority over the general audience and the earliest game we could’ve been able to get was 9:30PM. The guys and I talked it out and I offered the bumper cars, which I’ve also done before.

After the general consensus, we got the tickets and walked on over to the bumper cars. The birthday group kids were also there but it was so unorganized that we were moved up ahead…but then asked to leave because the kids had priority. We’re adults, we don’t mind, so we let the kids go first.

My friends and I stood by the bumper cars and just talked about general comics and DC animated movies. How much Jose and I did not like ‘Son of Batman’ and that I’m probably going to have a ‘Mask of the Phantasm’ viewing party at home for two friends who haven’t seen it yet.

The guy handling the cars apologized profusely and told us we’d have two rounds due to the inconvenience of the kids. We had our first go and my friends had just as much fun as I did. We did not hesitate at hitting each other full force with those things. A few kids went next and then we got our second run.

Those bumper cars were so much fun! Painful too considering how hard I was hit but, I digress. Today was still a good day regardless of how full the mall was. Adolfo never showed…he owes us but it’s fine. I also hurt my toe on the DDR machine, my fault for dancing barefoot. I didn’t have a choice tough, my flip flop slipped out when I was dancing to Boom Boom Dollar. Whoops!

My next day off adventure? Haven’t planned it yet. It will be a good day though!


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