*insert something witty about writing for years here*

I’ve been a person who has dedicated a lot of time to writing over the past few years. I’d dare say that for over ten years I’ve written way too much.

It even used to get me in trouble in class. Though there is a legitimate reason for that. I remember back in my sophomore year that I would have two notebooks out all the time. One would contain all my creativity and the other one would just contain my class notes. Though some of my professors got increasingly annoyed because I would pay more attention to one notebook more than the other so something had to give. I remember that almost every class notebook since had dividers for that exact purpose. Except the Spanish notebooks. For some reason even in high school, some Spanish professors see the need in taking their student’s notebooks and reviewing them and their writing.

As a person who writes a lot I’ve also had a few challenges along the way. I have a very (and I mean very) overactive imagination and it has not stopped giving me ideas since I was a kid. I’ve been writing and thinking about random story ideas since my elementary school English teacher, Colleen McDermont (I will never forget this woman!) asked us to write up stories with the vocabulary words from our workbooks.

When I got to middle/high school (UHS didn’t really divide these two concepts) it was hard to relate with some of my English professors. Then Ziggy came along in 9th grade and he was the biggest motivator for me to end up being an English major. I remember bumping into him shortly after my deciding to stop studying translation and giving him the good news. He said it was about time that I studied something he always knew I’d be right at home…and he was right.

He also gave me a lot of praise for my creativity and sarcasm for my creative short stories and essays. He’s probably been the only professor I’ve had all my life to completely understand my underlying sarcasm and charm and get a laugh out of my conclusions. I still have a print copy of that Babar essay somewhere in my room. I even gave him a draft of the first few chapters of my first original book that I was working on. He gave me a lot of praise for it and told me to keep at it…

I’m happy to say I still am Ziggy, sir!  😀


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