Of sick days…

I’ve been out of the office for three days(officially, the weekend doesn’t count since I have those days off)…and yesterday I went to the Doc’s office. I was happy to hear that I did not have to take any lab tests. I really freaking hate needles…but this afternoon was widely unpleasant.

I hate puking. It was the first time in years I’ve ever done that. Sounds like a TMI but whatever. I’m hoping to not have to use another sick day tomorrow. Not that I have very little left…it’s just that, I miss working. I really do. Now I realize that I totally forgot to approve my timecard for this week’s payday…

Oh well, I’ve been in bed most of today after the incident. I’m feeling a little better, hopefully the antibiotic is finally kicking in. I’m not taking the decongestant for a bit, my stomach probably can’t handle both medications at once hence the earlier incident.

I think I’ll continue to lie in bed for today and watch more undercover boss since well…I already finished watching CSI: Miami completely. I didn’t even notice that I was done! Not until I sat down and took a good look at my TV just now.

And now maybe a nap…nap sounds nice…


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