Today I got my package from yesasia! Finally!!! i was so excited to finally get some CDs after so long and I’m planning to do some purchase reviews on top of the gaming babbles I do on here. First up is Dancing Dolls’ third single, ‘DD Jump’. Now, I’ve been in love with the song since I managed to see a PV through tumblr considering that the official channel is Japan locked. Grr!!! DDJump unwrapped   I got the regular edition since I tend to have no place to play region 2 DVDs(though logic on this isn’t sound…I got FLOWER’s CD/DVD edition of their 5th single…then again, it was for the bonus first press track…). I like the cover and the picture they used of the girls. The obi clearly mentions ‘Love Machine’ which is sampled heavily in the song(which I love! <3) and something about jumping. My Japanese is pretty rusty, bear with me. 20130827_211321   The back cover of the lyrics leaflet is the same as the back cover of the single, which is okay but I honestly would’ve preferred another picture of the girls since the only one we’re essentially treated to is the cover. 20130827_211344   What’s going on behind the CD though? It’s great. DISCO! Total throwback to the track. This totally put a smile on my face when I noticed it. While I would’ve preferred again another picture of the girls, this was definitely a nice surprise. 20130827_211436


Onto the last bit on the single, Since it was fairly basic packaging, there isn’t much to talk about. I was surprised when I pulled out the lyrics leaflet that a photo popped out! I didn’t turn it over until after I looked over the lyrics. I got a signed Hono picture!!! *squee* As I’m still learning the girls’ names, I have yet to form a full bias over anyone but Hono is certainly a contender aside from Mii.

The songs in the single itself are great. The dance music these girls put out is consistent and certainly enjoyable. I didn’t particularly like ‘Sunshine’ but it wasn’t a bad track. I’m just more used to hearing these girls having excitable dance songs. ‘DD Jump’ being particular in this case. I can’t wait to blast this on my drives to work.

Next up from what I bought yet? I don’t know…I’ll probably end up talking about Batman Arkham City…haven’t mentioned anything about that yet and I promised I would…tomorrow maybe?


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