Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon

I’m probably going to make another post later on something else…but I felt like posting about this first. I’m copy pasting onto the gaming blog I contribute in once I’m done here…

Last Friday, I went to celebrate my tia abuela’s bday. I asked my cousin for my copy of Cooking Mama for the 3DS(my guilty pleasure, leave me alone) when she refused to give it back. In exchange for letting her keep it a while longer, I asked her to loan me Luigi’s Mansion since I hadn’t played it yet and have been unable to pick up my reservation in Montehiedra for months. A lot of things have been keeping me away from that general area since I’ve moved down to Bayamon.

I started playing the game yesterday afternoon while on the way (I wasn’t driving) to pick up a 3DS money card to add some balance onto my account so I could get the Mii games. I started laughing as soon as the game started. Luigi’s Mansion was definitely being Luigi. The game started with laughs and this certainly has given me a good impression.

Certainly…Professor E. Gadd’s puns are going to be the death of me. Some of them are just so BAD. Regardless, I’ve enjoyed the level up system with the Poltergust and the mission style the game has incorporated. It’s a lot more obvious than the first game though, which is probably why a friend of mine is put off by it.

Regardless, the game has been fun so far…and pretty imaginative. I appreciate that Nintendo.

So far Luigi’s mansion looks like something good enough to kill time while I wait for Pkmn to arrive in October. I’m only annoyed by the fact that I still can’t find my copy of White 2…I hope it’s soon though…


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