Bioshock Infinite

When I last posted here, I complained that I wasn’t going to be able to afford infinite. I’m still not able to but my little sister was nice enough to loan me her copy after she finished the game in two days.

Such a great game, I barely know where to begin!

As soon as the game started, I found myself saying a line I wouldn’t hear until the end of the game. “It always starts with a lighthouse.” Most accurate line ever. The second game didn’t really start with one but the premise is still true. The core games always start with a lighthouse.

The vigors were fun but I still find myself thinking back to the plasmids in the first game. I loved the Telekinesis plasmid was awesome! It was so freaking OP…well, so’s the return to sender vigor. Definitely my favorite one in infinite aside from Shock Jockey. Shock Jockey reminded me a lot of the electricity plasmid from Bioshock one. It was my second favorite one in the first game, aside from the ice plasmid. I was sad to see that there wasn’t an ice vigor in infinite though.

The controls were extremely solid. I didn’t have a hard time fidgeting around with the buttons. Though having only a two weapon load out was very limiting(as opposed to Bioshock and Bioshock 2), it was an interesting challenge. I kept the sniper rifle throughout the entire game, switching to carbines or machine guns every now and then. The sniper was my favorite weapon. I’m very happy it was featured in this game. I used the wrench a lot in Bioshock one and didn’t use the guns as much as I did in Infinite.

The ending…OMG THAT ENDING. I already had a headache that morning when I was playing because I hadn’t had any soda that day and the end of the game along with the entire endgame level just fulled it.

The story in general was amazing. I have yet to take a crack at 1999 mode in the game but I’m sure I’m going to hate it because of the difficulty it’s going to pose for me. Regardless…I’m pretty sure I can clear it…

Yay! Long post done! I should make a post about Arkham City…which I got as a Valentine’s day present from Javi. That game was amazing, it’s tied with Bioshock Infinite as my favorite game I’ve played this year. Bioshock is definitely my pick for game of the year. If there’s any other game this year that’s up for competing with Infinite, it’s got a tough act to follow.


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